my life changed

when my mom passed.


She was incredible. All I had left were my memories, her photographs, and stories from those she loved. Hearing stories of my mom put me on a mission to preserve stories through photography.

As we grow, painful moments become powerful lessons. Our super-powers. 

A mind sprawling between the heavens and the Earth turns out to be pretty great perspective on being alive.

I believe in clarity. 


The big-time "one - day - will - be - my - last” kind of clarity. Which constantly reminds me to appreciate all my favorite people on this planet (and how incredible it is to be here with them!).

The work I do today is inspired by

my experience with the power of photographs. 


I know how portraits preserve precious memories. 

And how magical it is, when life scurries by,

to choose a passing moment and confidently state


“This one stays.”

Photography done well is truth-sharing.

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I do not take every opportunity I'm approached

to photograph because it's truly important that I work with the right couples + families, and they with me. 

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Krystal Dawn is a Dallas portrait photographer who values understanding what is important to you and capturing honest, magnetic, powerful images. Now photographing multiple generations, families, mother & daughter, seniors, women, & pets.
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